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May 2020

College Recruitment changes

This was my final piece for the sports section as the section’s editor at the end of my junior year. It still remains one of my favorite sports pieces to look back on, as we wrote it for an audience desperate to hear guidance of the future of sports recruitment in a pandemic. While it took a lot of research and scouring of websites and recruitment organizations to find answers, in the end, we succeeded. 

May 2020

Changes to sports

This was a small but exciting piece I like to look back on, as it captured the state of national and international sports in a moment the world had never seen before. With the help of our design editor, we formatted this easy-to-read piece of history that consolidated the most important changes to sports in May 2020.

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June 2019

Girls rugby team moves on to state championship

An exciting piece about the revitalization of the girls’ rugby team at Conestoga and their journey from an almost-disappearance to state championships

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