Me, Journalism,

and my Portfolio

I've always been fascinated with people's stories and the permanence of recording them. Eventually, I discovered my passion for writing and from there, I was hooked. While photography came to be a huge part of the form of story-telling I came to know and I love, it wasn't until my freshman year when I worked as a staff reporter on my school's newspaper--The Spoke--that I dusted off my dad's old Nikon.  Armed with my notebook and camera, I never looked back. 

SJOY Portfolio

Hello! Welcome to my SJOY portfolio. Thank you so much for considering me in this process. A quick introduction to me- My name is Ananya and I am a senior at Conestoga High School. While I am originally from India, I was born in Germany and lived there for 12 years. Because of my exposure to multiple different cultures, language has always been my passion and I speak 4 languages and am in the process of learning my 5th as I finish my up 6th year of Spanish. Additionally, I teach German at a local language school. 


I have been a part of my highschool's journalism staff, The Spoke for 4 years now. I joined the staff as a freshman and I am currently serving in the position of Editor-in-Chief for the duration of my senior year. 


In this section of my portfolio, you will find all the different elements of my time as a journalist both in and out of the classroom.


Additionally, this website is meant to serve as a holistic presentation of my time in high school as an artist, researcher, and civically engaged student. While the other sections are not specifically listed in this year's rubric- feel free to browse through the rest of the tabs to see my experience as a research fellow for UPenn on Youth Writing and Online Communication, the culmination of my 4 years as a studio art student and NAHS member as well as my various internships for the Rosenthal Family Foundation, UPenn's "Vote that Jawn" and New Voters- a completely student-run non-profit. 


Some context for my senior year

Due to the nature in which I am completing my senior year due to the pandemic, I wanted to offer some more information about me. 

I am currently in my last month of classes for the year and I am in the process of finding a senior internship for the month of May. I am not yet decided on the university  I want to attend in the Fall of 2021 but plan to major in Journalism and Political Science as well as pursue a minor in either Spanish or an additional language regardless of where I go. 

Since I have not yet graduated, I do not have access to a finalized transcript for this school year. However, I wanted to share the classes I am taking this year. 

Core Courses

- Honours Calculus 

- AP Psychology 

- AP Comparative Government 

- AP Literature and Composition


- Honors Philosophy 

- Spanish 6 (Language and Culture)

- Studio Art 4 

And of course- Newspaper Staff and Editors