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October 2020

Distance Learning

This piece served as our first look into distance learning and its effects on the student body. When we initially began working on this issue as a whole, we were completely overwhelmed by the multitude of changes the school had implemented, including everything from the way we were taught to grading policy and more. Through our conversations with teachers, administrators and more, we aimed to shed some light on the system students were working within and hoped to answer the school community’s most pressing questions. This issue was created amidst the shift back to synchronous classes as well as an opt-in distance learning system. It was my second and most recent issue as Editor-in-Chief of The Spoke. In order to roll this issue out on time, we had to hold 6-7 hour long production sessions over Zoom. It was the first issue ever to be created entirely online in the publication's history. Check out my front-page story on the hybrid model of distance learning.

November 2020

Biden wins presidency

While we had hoped to have plenty of time to write this piece, as usual, the news is often beyond our control, and so, due to the delay in certifying an election result, my co-writer and I were absolutely pressed for time in putting together a piece that demonstrated the impact of this result on our community. Then, as the student body began buzzing with opinions following the validation, we found our angle—polarization and its growing impact on Chester County. This piece recently received 3rd place for political writing at the Quill and Scroll Media Contest (3/29/2021)

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A Rocky Start to 2020.png

January 2020

A rocky start to 2021

This was a piece that developed constantly as we wrote it. While the original piece was focused on the Capitol Hill riot and the impact it had on the country, we couldn’t ignore the impeachment and successful inauguration that followed. With a lot of research and a big push through to the finish line, we were able to complete the piece within just a few hectic days to send our final copy to the printer. 

December 2019

Consumer Culture

This pre-pandemic issue featured my very own first front-page story, which discussed the impact of rising consumerism on the value and spirit of the holiday season. Take a look at my photos inside to see Christmas shopping at the King of Prussia Mall in an era before social distancing. 

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