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Following the Story: One Investigative Reporter’s Journey to Covering Wall Street Scandal

By Ananya Kulkarni

When she was 18 years old, she took on her high school principal. At 28, she took on a Wall Street billionaire as a senior correspondent for Business Insider. While Megan Morris’ work carried her from her quiet suburb outside of Philadelphia all the way to New York City, her philosophy remains the same:

“There can be really good reasons in this life, to stand up for yourself, to push back, and to fight for stories that are really important,” Morris said.

While Morris never could have quite imagined the path story-telling would take her on, she always knew it was what she wanted to do. Beginning her career with a Bloomberg internship, which gave her a somewhat niche understanding of high-equity real-estate reporting, Morris was one of few journalists at Business Insider with a background in commercial real-estate to cover the then mystery company, WeWork. While WeWork’s success was short-lived, the coverage set her on the path to some of the biggest stories of her career.

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