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My work for the

October 2020 Issue

This issue was created amidst the shift back to synchronous classes as well as an opt-in distance learning system. It was my second and most recent issue as Editor in chief of the Spoke. In order to roll this issue out on time, we had to hold 6-7 hour long production sessions over Zoom. It was the first issue ever to be created entirely online in the publication's history. Check out my front-page story on the hybrid model of distance learning.

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May 2020 Issue

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This issue was created mostly online regardless of changing circumstances due to the pandemic. It was my first issue as EIC with an untrained editorial board and came out on time regardless of the shutdown. Fun fact! I snuck on to school property at 5 AM to get the photo of the school (I wore a mask). Check out my work on the senior matriculation map on p. 5 & 6, my sports timeline, and scholarship update on p.11 and a full-page photo gallery on p. 12. 


December 2020 Issue

This pre-pandemic issue featured my very own first front-page story which discussed the impact of rising consumerism on the value and spirit of the holiday season. Take a look at my photos inside to see Christmas shopping at KOP mall in an era before social distancing. 

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February 2020 Issue

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Check out this issue for a piece on Pennsylvania's own late Kobe Bryant in which I interviewed alumni who saw Bryant's very first games back in Conestoga High School's and Lower Merion's gyms.

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For more of my stories check out any issue dating back to August, 2017 here

Below, see more of my photography for the Spoke

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